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Inventory Control
Optimizing your distribution operations requires you to effectively manage important resources such as space, inventory, equipment and people. However, a lack of visibility to these resources as they move through the manufacturing and supply chain makes it a complex procedure which is difficult to manage. Current material tracking systems require manual scanning and the line of sight, and hence are labor intensive, costly, and error-prone. With Lonestar’s Hyperwave RFID solution, inventory can be monitored and updated in real time without human delay. Lonestar’s Hyperwave inventory tracking software enables companies to track asset location and status, identify and eliminate supply chain bottlenecks, and perform instant inventories without delay.  By eliminating labor intensive, error ridden manual tracking systems, Lonestar’s Hyperwave RFID solution increases operational efficiencies and reduces overall costs by streamlining operations and reducing stock and  on-hand inventory.
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