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Supply Chain
RFID can supply companies with accurate and real-time information on supply chain management. Theoretically, a product can be tracked in the supply chain from where it is produced to the point where it is consumed. When a product is produced, it can be attached with a tag that contains a unique identification number. The product with the tag can be monitored by RFID equipment at the following points:
  1. At the manufacturer’s warehouse where it is stored and ready for shipment.
  2. At the entrance of the distribution center where it is received.
  3. At the exit of the distribution center where it is delivered to the retailer.
  4. At the warehouse of the retailer.
  5. At the cash register of the retailer.
  6. If applicable, at a recycle center.
Lonestar's Hyperwave RFID supply chain solution is best of breed facilitating your supply management. When Lonestar's Hyperwave RFID is installed at the above points, it may lead to the following benefits:
  • Provides full process control visibility.
  • Reduces shrinkage for the manufacturer.
  • records full inventory history
  • Provides on time deliveries
  • Avoids out-of stocks for the retailer.
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