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LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard with MDDA™ (Multi dimensional data Analysis)
Present day business is changing much faster and in a more complex manner. Your company’s ability to compete and excel may primarily depend on how quickly insights are transformed into action. The system lets you perform constant updates and ensures that you stay in touch with your business even when you are enjoying the sun thousands of miles away.

LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard is different from the other tools that are currently available in market. LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard is not just a tool, but in fact it is powered and backed by Microsoft SQL 2005 and Windows 2003 Server Technology. It has been designed by the most competent business analyst team thus enhancing and streamlining the technology with the prevailing business methodology.6968752

LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard offers tools that are intuitive and familiar to most employees thereby requiring very limited training for the employees. This will help extend the reach of your business intelligence solution using little or no training with minimal investment in new software. The benefits obtained from this can be two-fold, firstly it increases the productivity and efficiency of nearly every employee while saving on the cost of re-training them in specific analysis tools or outsourcing analysis and secondly, reporting is performed in the form of business on demand approach. This is a guaranteed way to improve the ROI for the company.

The Yardstick for any business intelligence solution is its ability to derive knowledge from prevailing data, the capability to process volumes of information and identify patterns, trends, rules, and relationships that are too large to be handled through simple human analysis.
LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard is more proactive than reactive. Rather than only monitoring and analyzing what happened, LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard is used to drive and direct what will happen. This is the difference between a dashboard and a game plan, between Business Analytics and Business Execution.

Monitoring, Reporting and Analysis
Business intelligence can be divided into three different phases. This is known as the MRA of business intelligence. Using these set of tools, decision maker can make decisions with visibility across all functions of organization.
LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard Business Intelligence Enterprise Monitoring
LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard allows enterprises of any size to continuously monitor and evaluate their enterprise process performances. LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard°, with help of dashboards and scorecards, can make the decision making process very accurate and reliable. Everybody in the enterprise can use this software according to his/her need in a very personalized manner. LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard Enterprise Dashboard is interconnected with the enterprise data thereby enabling authorized users to drill down from their Dashboard to get their required level of detailed information. LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard can even continuously monitor for any customized event delivering the monitored instance to the platform of device each user chooses, alert and reports with notification are delivered once event exceed threshold values.
LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard° Business Intelligence Enterprise Reporting
LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard Business Intelligence Enterprise Reporting can deliver all forms of enterprise reports ranging from detailed multi-page production reports to highly graphical business reports including Sales reports. Furthermore, reports are also provide the functionality of drill downs and also allow users to rearrange and reformat the data freely using simple drag-and-drop techniques and formatting toolbars.
The LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard single report design can produce hundreds of variations controlled by the business user which is made possible by the industry’s most extensive parameterized reporting technology, namely Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005.
Users have the option choose the range of fixed items to be displayed on a report. This extraordinary user ability is possible only with a dynamic query engine like Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005 Reporting services since it can design a new database query every time a report is run.

With LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard you can make
  • Operational Reports
  • Business Reports
  • Invoices & Statements
LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard° Business Intelligence Enterprise Analysis
Analyze & Discover Business Performance Trends, LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard Business Intelligence Enterprise Analysis helps managers and decision makers analyze the complex business scenarios. LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard Business Intelligence Enterprise Analysis delivers a truly extensive array of analysis to business users, including simple slice-and-dice OLAP analysis, full investigative drilling through the entire data warehouse, set analysis for generating and analyzing lists, and predictive analysis that anticipates future events.
LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard Business Intelligence Enterprise Analysis makes all of this analytical power available as a seamless extension to our standard Monitoring and Reporting functionality. With LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard Business Intelligence Enterprise Analysis , users can start their day reviewing their standard scorecards and dashboards, drill down to detailed reports for more information, and then drill to full analysis functionality to uncover the root causes of a problem.

LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard Business Intelligence Enterprise Analysis Includes

  • Include Sophisticated Analyses for Everyday Reporting and Scorecards.
  • Delivering “Speed of Thought” Analysis for Business People, Down to the Transaction-level of Detail.
  • Powerful Predictive Analysis, Bring the Predictive Power of Data Mining into Everyday Reports
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