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LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard Human Resource Intelligence
Organizations are not just building and factories, in fact, it’s the employees that constitute an organization. Whether the organization culture is build on a tradition Japanese’s, American or hybrid approach. LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard Human Resources intelligence system can be customized to assist Human Resource professionals to automate reporting across all major Human Resource processes. It is a powerful tool for optimizing the use of the human assets of your business.

Managers can gain tremendous value in managing employee performance, optimizing compensation and benefits, improving recruiting and retention, reducing Human resource administrative burdens, and assuring that their practices are complying with the government.

Human resource departments across variety of industries and businesses are adding business intelligence reporting and analysis tools.. This is the time to take complete advantage of LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard Human Resource Intelligence since it can be customized to provide reports and KPIs for recruiting and hiring, performance reviews, payroll and benefits, promotions and transfers, retention and skill development, etc.

Standard KPIs Included

  • Headcount Trend Analysis
  • Headcount growth
  • Compensation Reporting
  • Benefits Administration Reporting
  • Turnover ratio
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