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LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard Marketing and Sales Intelligence
LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard Marketing and Sales Module provides you with the ability to monitor your sales better and improve your sales and profits by doing variety of analysis for example Customer Analysis, Market Analysis, Cross-Sell Analysis, Channel Analysis. You can monitor your sales better and provide timely feedback to improve the sales process, support your Research and Development department and improve your product feature using the feedback and results obtained from the market.

LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard Sales Module provides functionality that is very powerful and effective in marketing and sales. It includes the “most wanted” tools that today’s manager finds essential. It also comprises of cutting edge capabilities for querying, reporting, analysis and delivery of informative data that will allow and facilitate the sales force across the entire enterprise. Timely information will provide a solid stepping stone for your business vision. Clients will be able to access the system through a web brower hosting a an internet connection. The system can be configured to deliver reports and alerts in a manner that is compatible to both the form and medium that is being desired. This ensures that the system remains in contact with its users. The objective is to share the market trends as fast as possible to decision makers to initiate timely actions.

LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard Marketing and Sales Intelligence is different from the products offered by other companies. It provides proactive, actionable role based and customizable marketing and sales intelligence. The functionality offered is not only limited to a group but to all hierocracy according to their needs. This complete system imparts degrees visibility to the marketing and sales force helping to transform the business strategies into fast and accurate actions helping attain your share of market pie.

Standard KPIs Included

  • Market Analysis
  • Customer relationships
  • Customer Analysis
  • Customer Cross-Sell Analysis
  • Sales Force Performance Reporting
  • Customer Cross-Sell Analysis
  • Product trends
  • Sales Promotion Analysis
  • Sales Force Analysis
  • Customer vs. Sales
  • Channel Analysis
  • Product Analysis
  • Custom analysis and queries
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