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LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard Distribution and Supply Chain Intelligence
LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard Distribution and Supply Chain Intelligence module provides you with information across different areas of distribution and supply chain thus assisting you in making decisions that can impact your bottom-line. For example days sales outstanding, order backlog, time to fill orders and inventory days of supply. Our business intelligence system is engineered by the experience that we have attained while assisting wholesale distributors and supply chains by solving their business problems. It is, an experience we have achieved spanning several years across distribution industry.

Distribution and Supply chain management starts from procurement of materials or unfinished goods from manufacturers, distributors or their suppliers to the customers. It is a complex process requiring a lot of harmony and a diligent work plan. LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard Distribution and Supply Chain Intelligence provides a user-friendly approach and powerful data examination by using the customized dashboards and scorecards. It provides Analysis of trend and encompasses all alerts.

LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard provides 360° view to your distribution activities by allowing you to explore your business processes in a multidimensional view by simply pointing, selecting and clicking. It is as simple as that!

You can drill-down dashboards to view meticulous details and then slice and dice to view multi dimensions of processes such as pricing margins by customer type. On the whole you can fortify your company’s key strengths by diminishing the weaknesses.

With LONESTARMIS Enterprise Dashboard you can

  • Improve data visibility so as to reduce inventory levels by 5% to 15%.
  • Analyze customer service levels to identify specific problem areas.
  • Analyze production variability to identify areas where corrective measures need to be
  • Analyze transport performance to reduce costs by using the most efficient transport

Standard KPIs Included

  • 360° Customer Service Analysis
  • 360° Category Performance Analysis/Category Management
  • 360° Required Materials
  • 360° Supply on Hand
  • 360° Trends
  • 360° Pricing Analysis
  • 360° Inventory Turn Rate
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