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Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2012
Required 9s and protection
  Deliver required uptime and data protection, server to cloud without wasting time and money. Help reduce planned and unplanned downtime with the new integrated high availability and disaster recovery solution, SQL Server AlwaysOn. Achieve maximum application availability and data protection with options to configure active, multiple secondaries and ability to quickly failover and recover applications.
Blazing-fast performance
  Gain breakthrough and predictable performance backed by industry-leading benchmarks. Overview Make a bet on a trusted platform that continuously leads in industry-relevant TPC-E, TPC-H and real-world application performance benchmarks. Release over release SQL Server is SAP-certified to run some of the industry’s most demanding workloads. Significantly boost query performance, by up to ~10x for star join and similar queries with the new ColumnStore Index.
Rapid data discovery
  Empower end users with new insights through rapid data exploration and visualization. Discover new insights at the speed of thought with Power View, a highly interactive, familiar browser-based data exploration, visualization, and presentation experiences for users of all levels. Empower users of all levels to access and mash-up data from virtually any source, create compelling reports and analytical applications, and easily collaborate and share insight using familiar tools with PowerPivot for Microsoft Excel 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint 2010.
Managed self-service BI
  Enable accessible intelligence across the organization through Managed Self-Service BI, IT dashboards, and SharePoint collaboration.

1. Provide a complete view for reports & dashboards across heterogeneous data sources with the BI Sematic Model that can scale from small personal BI solutions to the largest organizational BI needs.
2. Balance the need to monitor, manage, and govern the data and analytics end users create with IT dashboards and controls that help IT monitor end user activity, data source usage, and gather performance metrics from servers.
3. Make information-based decisions part of everyday life with SharePoint integration for insights collaboration and customizable Alerts that keep users apprised of relevant changes to data.
4. Extend rich user insights to even more people with SQL Azure Reporting that removes the need for deploying and maintaining a reporting infrastructure.
5. Deploy more than just breathtaking end user analytics tools, SQL Server continues to deliver end-to-end BI through easy to set up and manage traditional OLAP and reporting cubes.
Credible, Consistent Data
  Provide a complete view across business dimensions and help ensure data confidence through integration, cleansing and management.

1. Integrate, manage, and cleanse disparate data sources, including Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket, with Integration Services (SSIS), Master Data Services (MDS), and Data Quality Services (DQS) built-in to SQL Server 2012.
2. Reduce time-to-solution for data integration across data sources by utilizing efficient new tools in Integration Services (SSIS) that help deliver credible, consistent data reliably and efficiently.
3. Improve data quality by using organizational knowledge and 3rd party reference data providers to reliably profile, cleanse, and match data with new SQL Server Data Quality Services.
4. Create, maintain, store, and access master data structures used for object mapping, reference data, metadata management with Master Data Services (MDS) while a new MDS Add-in for Excel makes it easy for end users to manage and maintain data.
Complete Data Warehouse Solutions
  Gain scale and flexibility with complete data warehousing solutions that offer flexibility and massive scale at low cost.

1. Help reduce data warehouse costs with reference architectures and appliances designed to offer incredible performance at a low price per terabyte.
2. Scale data warehouses with built-in database features like Remote Blob Storage and partitioned tables that scale to 15,000 partitions that support large sliding window scenarios.
3. Gain high scale with support for up to 256 cores – enabling high-performance for very large workloads or consolidation scenarios.
4. Leverage best practices and drive fast time to market with data warehouse reference architectures and data warehouse appliances that help deliver faster time to solution.
5. Scale to 100s of TB while maintaining high performance through massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture with Parallel Data Warehouse.
Pervasive Data Discovery
  SQL Server will help customers unlock exciting new insights with pervasive data discovery across mounds of structured, unstructured and cloud data sources backed by Managed Self-Service BI, credible consistent data and large-scale data warehousing and analytics solutions.
Key Capabilities:
1. Rapid data discovery with Power View and PowerPivot
2. Managed Self-Service BI with SharePoint and BI Semantic Model
3. Credible, consistent data with Data Quality Services
4. Robust DW solutions with Parallel Data Warehouse and Reference Architectures
Scale on demand
  Scale on demand with flexible and hybrid deployment options on your terms server to cloud. Gain operational flexibility with proven Microsoft cloud offerings, private or public, that deliver interoperable deployment options with SQL Server 2012. Break free and scale beyond the constraints of any one deployment environment by taking advantage Hybrid IT opportunities with a common architecture that spans traditional servers, appliances and the cloud.
Extend any data, virtually anywhere
  Extend the reach of data virtually anywhere across server and/or cloud with expansive developer technologies. Enable new scenarios with SQL Azure Data Sync, a cloud service that provides bi-directional data synchronization between databases across datacenter and cloud. Provide a consistent and open data-feed to power multiple user experiences across the web, devices and desktop with OData, an open protocol built on widely used web standards.
  1. Gives users the power to create compelling self-service BI solutions
2. Facilitates sharing and collaboration on user-generated BI solutions
3. Enables IT organizations to gain insight and oversight into end user activities
Data Quality Services
  Microsoft SQL Server 2012 introduces Enterprise Information Management that delivers a complete view across data sources and ensures data confidence through integration, cleansing, and management of critical information.

Companies are switching to Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2012 providing a proof that Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2012 provides an unsurpassed technology providing unlimited deliverables.

Companies are strategically investing in SQL Server for critical enterprise applications after recognizing the richness of functionality in SQL Server and its ability to deliver a faster time-to-market at a significantly reduced total cost of ownership. Read about customers who have switched to or chosen SQL Server over competitive database management solutions.

Company Considered or switched from…

CSR has enjoyed a broad range of benefits since moving its SAP infrastructure from the UNIX/Oracle stack to the Microsoft Application Platform, including lower total cost of ownership. The company has also experienced enhanced performance, and it was surprised by the ease of migration. The Microsoft Application Platform has given CSR high availability and has proven to be efficient with enterprise integration.
Kimball International

Migrating from the Oracle/UNIX stack to the Microsoft Application Platform enabled Kimball International to achieve the lower total cost of ownership it sought while also providing greater processing power and easier systems management. The company benefitted from the ease of migration to the enterprise-ready Microsoft Application Platform. Kimball is looking ahead to SQL Server 2008 to gain additional benefits.
Volvo Car Corporation

Volvo expects that the Microsoft BI solution will result in a simplified IT environment and improved business intelligence that will help Volvo operate more efficiently and make it easier for employees to collaborate. BI improvements in SQL Server 2012 also are expected to improve performance by making data easier to understand and manipulate. For example, vehicle descriptions can now include pictures. Reports can be dynamic instead of just static lists. And employees can build more compelling business cases by using interactive charts and other graphical items.

Engineers who have used the prototype are delighted with the graphical reporting capabilities of Power View and with the fact that they can now generate reports themselves without asking a programmer. “They can see patterns and irregularities much faster with a graphical user interface than with a simple Excel spreadsheet”, says the senior business analyst.

Productivity gains already have been impressive. “With SQL Server 2012 and Power View, we will be able to empower our users to significantly reduce the time for analysis in some areas,” the business analyst says.

Self-service BI increases the bank’s ability to assess risks and opportunities by letting analysts spend their energy answering their own questions as they occur. This helps improve the quality of insights drawn from the data. “Employees spend less time thinking about exactly what data they want, completing data requests, and waiting for the BI team to respond,” says McLeod. “Instead, they can spend more time validating their ideas and strategies by querying the massive volumes of data, without having to rely on the BI team.”
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

After considering Oracle, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. chose SQL Server 2000 for its human resources system and migration from Sybase. The solution provides scalability and performance to support the company's 17,000 employees worldwide, achieving 99.995% availability in its first year.
Oracle, Sybase
Albertson's, Inc.

Using the Microsoft platform, including SQL Server 2000, and its capabilities to integrate with IBM mainframe applications, Albertson's, Inc. developed a scalable and integrated solution to support multiple storefronts and fulfillment models.
ASB Bank

Since migrating its data warehouse from Oracle to SQL Server, ASB Bank has made comprehensive customer information instantly accessible to employees. With in-depth knowledge at their fingertips, employees can now make intelligent recommendations about bank services, resulting in increased profits.
Black & Decker

Standardizing on the Microsoft platform, including migrating from Oracle to SQL Server, Black & Decker built a Web site in three months. Black & Decker now cultivates deep and long-lasting relationships with tens of millions of consumers at a lower total cost of ownership.
Brazilian Mercantile and Futures Exchange (BM&F)

Brazilian Mercantile and Futures Exchange (BM&F) chose SQL Server and the Microsoft platform to build its leading-edge foreign exchange clearinghouse. BM&F brought the solution to market in just six months and has achieved a mission-critical level of availability that now processes $5 billion US per day.

"SQL Server 2000 came out ahead of Oracle and DB2 because it offered the best management tools, lowest TCO [total cost of ownership], and greatest level of interoperability with the disparate data sources in our enterprise environment." Using the Microsoft platform, Ceridian built a Web-based interface for its mainframe-base payroll processing system in just four months and resulted in an annual savings of $15 million US.
IBM, Oracle
Clalit Health Services

After considering IBM, Clalit Health Services chose SQL Server 2000 to provide real-time business intelligence (BI) to more the 1,000 managerial and medical offices supporting more than 3.7 million insured member. Clalit's medical BI application now provides multidimensional world views on every aspect of HMO operation.
IBM Informix
Commonwealth Department of Education Science and Training

By migrating its mainframe applications to Web technology using SQL Server 2000, the Commonwealth Department of Education Science and Training has enabled the two-way transfer of mission-critical data between public sector employees and overseas agents at a lower total cost of ownership.
Commonwealth Securities Limited (CommSec)

After considering Oracle, Commonwealth Securities Limited decides that upgrading its existing infrastructure with SQL Server 2000 and the Microsoft platform is the best way to provide the scalability, low total cost of ownership, and agility that their growing business needs.
Cooper Rubber & Tire

Cooper Rubber & Tire migrates to the Microsoft platform and SQL Server 2000 and cuts time-to-market by 50 percent, realizes higher revenues, and achieves lower total cost of ownership equaling $2.9 million US over three years. The solution requires interoperability with legacy mainframe and Oracle databases.
Countrywide Home Loans

After a side-by-side comparison with IBM DB2, Countrywide decided to implement a solution based on SQL Server 2000 for its loan origination data system. They are now benefiting from new replication capabilities, improved query return times, enhanced analysis capabilities, outstanding reliability, and an affordable scalability strategy.

Danfoss migrated its SAP R/3 application from Oracle to a more cost-effective solution using SQL Server 2000. With 1,500 users, the new solution reduced total cost of ownership by 50% and increased overall performance by 40%, with batch processes running up to 67% faster.
DPF Data Services

With 4 terabytes of data, DPF Data Services Group has an enormous database to manage. The archiving company previously used Sybase 11.5 and Oracle 8.0 to handle its customer data, but the two systems did not work well together and could not deliver the scalable solution that DPF needed. In addition to saving the company U.S.$500,000 each year in hardware and software costs, the solution gave the company increased performance, better interoperability, and the scalability that DPF was trying to achieve. Additionally, they have not experienced any downtime in the full year and a half since making the switch from Sybase and Oracle.
Grand Expeditions

Grand Expeditions, a consortium of luxury travel companies, wanted to reduce its Web development and hosting costs while making it easier for marketing staff to post new information and make changes. The company also wanted to improve site reliability and performance. Grand Expeditions accomplished all of these objectives by moving its nine travel Web sites from a combination of Linux- and UNIX-based servers running the Oracle 8i database to SQL Server on Windows and saved approximately U.S.$200,000 a year.
Guinness World Records Limited

Guinness World Records migrated from a Sun and Oracle platform to the Microsoft platform and SQL Server 2000 just 90 days prior to the launch of GuinnessWorldRecords.com. By doing so, the site launched on schedule, with more features than originally planned, and with lower costs.
H&R Block

Since switching from Oracle to SQL Server, H&R Block developed a new solution in just four months and was able to leverage its existing professional tax calculation engine. It now enjoys an agile and easily scalable system, and can focus on growing its online business by adding new features and services.
Hadeed (Saudi Iron & Steel Company)

Hadeed migrated its SAP R/3 application from Oracle to SQL Server 2000 to support 1,400 users more cost effectively. The result reduced total cost of ownership by 50%, reduced process time by 87%, and achieved a full return on investment in 18 months.
Home Shopping Network (HSN.com)

Home Shopping Network migrated the database tier of its Web solution from Oracle to SQL Server 2000 and the Microsoft platform, achieving an increase in performance, easy maintenance, and a decrease in time to market for new functionality.
Indiana (State of) Department of Administration (IDOA)

After extensive performance and cost analysis, IDOA migrated its PeopleSoft application from IBM DB2 to SQL Server and increased usage 100-fold to all 40,000 state employees. This solution achieved a 90-day ROI and dramatically improved performance, with most transactions running in 1/10th of the time.
IBM, Oracle

Telco switched from Oracle to SQL Server 2000 and developed an entire carrier-grade conferencing system in only three months. iTelco's solution provides a cost-effective, high-availability platform that carriers can offer as a new generation of high-quality Internet Protocol (IP) audio, video, and data conferencing, and application sharing services.
Jih Sun Financial Holding Company

After consolidating its banking and securities-trading operations, Jih Sun Financial Holding Company turned to the Microsoft platform and SQL Server 2000 to develop a data warehouse and an enterprise application integration (EAI) solution for its IBM mainframe applications. The result was a consistent and transparent interface for customers.

After considering IBM DB2 and Oracle, Launch.com chose SQL Server 2000 for its music entertainment portal that serves more than 4.3 million customers. The result is a robust, highly scalable database system that handles large and diverse data sources, including streaming media files and music videos, and streamlines database development
IBM, Oracle

Minolta migrated one of the world's largest SAP R/3 applications (5.5 terabytes, 2,000 users, and 700 concurrent users) from Oracle to SQL Server and consolidated twenty UNIX-based IBM RS/6000 servers to two 32-way Unisys ES7000 servers. The company also doubled the processing speed for many of the key SAP R/3 functions and reduced administration costs for the system by half.

After considering Oracle, ntl, a leading broadband company in the United Kingdom, decided to use the Microsoft platform and SQL Server 2000 for its customer management and billing solution. The result has been an increase in productivity and performance and a decrease in development costs.

"We considered IBM DB2 and Sybase, but decided SQL Server 2000 offered the best solution for building an effective Web site at lower cost and risk. Additionally, we received excellent support from Microsoft personnel."
IBM, Sybase
Outtask Inc.

"There are certain undeniable advantages to standardizing on the Microsoft platform. As with the entire suite of Microsoft .NET Enterprise Servers [now Windows Server System], SQL Server 2000 allows us to move fast with a high level of reliability and scalability. The speed at which we can develop in the Microsoft environment is far beyond what we could do in the Oracle environment."
PCS Health Systems, Inc.

PCS Health Systems, Inc. chose SQL Server 2000 when it migrated a 1.3-terabyte data warehouse from legacy systems, including an IBM mainframe data warehouse. The result was rapid, more flexible reporting without compromising availability.
Premera Blue Cross

"We believed that Microsoft, in partnership with Unisys, would deliver and create the highly centralized, scalable, reliable environment that we needed for our transaction engine and be best able to provide it in a way that creates an integrated solution all the way out to the desktop. The Windows and ES7000 server platform offers a better price/performance, and this choice reduces the number of platforms that we have to support."
IBM, Oracle, Sybase

After migrating its Web site data tier from Oracle to SQL Server 2000, RadioShack.com enjoys seamless integration with legacy systems, improved business intelligence capabilities, and extensive personalization that meets the needs of both B2B and B2C customers.
IBM, Oracle
Safeway, Inc.

After considering Linux, Sun Solaris, and IBM AIX platforms, Safeway migrated its 1,800 in-store server network to the Windows Server platform and SQL Server, resulting in a more dependable, flexible, manageable, and cost-effective platform.
Sandford Bernstein

Sandford C. Bernstein, an investment research and management firm, migrated its customer care solution from Sybase to SQL Server, and utilized the replication capabilities of SQL Server to enhance customer service with a more reliable and powerful centralized customer view across sites in London, New York and Los Angeles.
Sanford Limited

Sanford Limited migrated from an Oracle and Solaris platform to the Microsoft platform and SQL Server 2000. The solution was implemented and deployed by their in-house staff in just four months and has reduced Sanford's per-transaction cost by nearly 50 percent and realized annual savings of AU$480,000 (US$319,000) in licensing and maintenance fees alone.
Savings Bank of the Russian Federation

After the deployment of a mainframe-based solution failed, the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation chose the Microsoft platform and SQL Server 2000 to support its 18,000 branch offices and 200,000 employees, and to process millions of transactions per day and more that 15 million documents a month.
Smead Manufacturing Company

Smead's migration from an Oracle environment to SQL Server simplifies operations, provides rapid failover and recovery of mission-critical applications, supports future growth, and enables new e-business intiatives for its PeopleSoft applications—all with a 75 percent reduction in total cost of ownership.

After evaluating alternative solutions like IBM and Oracle, Stratapult built a Web-enabled business analysis portal using the Microsoft platform and SQL Server 2000. The result: a large e-business data warehouse system that integrates with legacy systems and that is scalable, flexible, and affordable.
IBM, Oracle
Suncor Energy

Suncor migrated its SAP R/3 application from Oracle to SQL Server, which resulted in a 400% performance increase on batch jobs and a projected availability of 99.99%. The company projects that the new system will reduce hardware, software, and support costs by 42% over six years. The migration process was designed and tested over a three-month period and implementation was done over a weekend.
University of South Florida

The University of South Florida chose the Microsoft platform and SQL Server 2000 to build a complete Web-based student information system that extracts information from an IBM mainframe and other database systems throughout the 36,000-student campus, increasing scalability while also lowering total cost of ownership and development costs.
IBM, Oracle


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